1. As the best preparation for the program, we are recommending the new software program, BIBLINGO by Kevin Grasso, a Ph.D. student at the Hebrew University, together with Nick Messmer and Josh Mann. www.biblingo.org or kevin@biblingo.org . JCBT will pay for all 52 lessons, or a portion thereof, for any candidate wanting to ensure ability to pass the JCBT entrance exam. Since language is a SKILL there is no alternative for persistent long-term exposure and effort in memorization.

  2. If the student is inclined toward the more traditional style of the classic grammatical approach, it is possible to use the levels of the BIBLE MESH software program of Dr. Timothy Edwards who developed the program at Oxford University. Again, JCBT will pay for the modules two and three to help the candidate reach the required level to pass the JCBT entrance exam. www.biblemesh.com .

  3. For personal online live teaching by a trained Israeli BH instructor, please contact Talia Bar David of the HEBREW FOR THE NATIONS organization. talia@hebrew4nations.org .