JCBT 2020 Semester has begun!

After almost a year of preparations and work, JCBT 2020 Semester Program has started this past weekend (January 30- February 2). 13 Students from 4 different continents, most of them are Bible Translation consultants, arrived at the center and started their training with an overview around the hills of Jerusalem. Besides Historical Geography study tours, the 2020 Semester Program will start with Modern Hebrew classes, which will give them the ability to live, speak and hear Hebrew for 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, due to recent world events in the Far East, another student from East Asia was not able to come due to travel restrictions. Please remember her, and all who live in the infected areas, in your thoughts and prayers.

This year, the program is intended to be on a higher level, catered to serve Bible Translation Consultants. High-level lecturers from the Hebrew University, as well as from the Bible translation world, are sure to deliver a unique learning experience for the students. The goal of this program is to enable translators and consultants to produce a quality translation of the Hebrew Bible with semantic awareness of both nuances of the source text as well as a natural rendering into the target language. The semester program contains two main components: (1) greater skills in comprehending Biblical Hebrew Text along with (2) greater awareness of the Context in which it was written.

You can Click Here and learn more about the details of the 2020 Semester program.