Registration now open for the January 2020 JCBT “Land of the Bible” Course

The annual Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators 2020 course for Bible Consultants and Consultants-in-Training is now open for registration!

Course Dates: January 16-29, 2020.

This exceptional 14-day course includes 12 days of study-tours relating Scripture text to its historical, archaeological, cultural, linguistic and geographical context. With Bibles in our hands, trips to the Biblical sites throughout the Land will be experienced with a specific focus on Bible translation issues. The program is uniquely designed for consultants, consultants-in-training and Bible translation project administrators. If taking the course for credit, pre-and post-study tour assignments will be required.

We will accept up to 20 participants, so the earlier you can apply, the better! Accommodations will be at the JCBT Log Home and Forest Home Dormitories, only a few meters apart. The fee for the entire course in the land (including room, board, field trips, and entry fees, lectures, etc.) is $1,850 per person with double occupancy. 

Thoughts from several 2019 course participants:

“No matter your spiritual or biblical understanding prior to coming, I feel the lessons of this trip have been helpful. I hope in the future I have an opportunity to come again and further my study of the Land of the Bible.”

 “The course is an incredible experience for all 5 of your senses. The Land of the Bible explanations and the experience of the climate in the Land was very influential for our work.”

 “What this study tour did for me was to give me an index of my ignorance regarding the geography and some of the context of the Holy Land.”

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How to Apply:

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For short-term course inquiries, please write or