The Class of 2018 Semester Program has Graduated!

Fifteen students from Ten different regions and countries have graduated JCBT’s intensive 5 months Semester Program. Two years worth of material were concentrated into just few months of hard work and many challenging tasks. Facing it all as a family, they successfully made it to the finish line. CONGRATULATIONS!

In the course of this program they have experienced the text of the bible through its immediate context, the Land of the Bible. They have learned from the best teachers and professors at the Hebrew University, obtained the tools to better understand and translate the bible into their mother tongues, and communicated to each other in Biblical Hebrew as a living and active language.

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This coming January, JCBT will conduct the 2019 French Semester Program. The enrollment for this program has already started, and the number of available spots is limited, so click here to find out how you can join us this coming year’s Semester Program (cliquez ici pour savoir comment vous pouvez vous joindre à nous Programme de semestre de l’année à venir).

Come and join us in this amazing journey to bring the whole Bible into every nation and tongue, even to the farthest corners of the earth!